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Lake Creek

Boulder, Utah

Bridge Replacement / Stream Crossing


Dixie National Forest


Dixie National Forest


Ron New & Sons Construction Company


October 2012

Stretching across 170 miles of southern Utah, the 2 million acre Dixie National Forest (DNF) is the largest national forest in Utah. The forest boasts red sandstone formations, breathtaking views into three neighboring states as well as activities such as hiking and fishing. Elevations range from 2,800-11,322 feet with extreme temperatures ranging from 100 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer to -30 degrees Fahrenheit in the winter. Vegetation varies from sparse, desert-type plants to low-growing pinyon pines and junipers to aspen and conifers such as pine, spruce, and fir.

Although an existing, 58 year old culvert located in a remote portion of the DNF was still in good condition, it was undersized and needed to be replaced utilizing funding that had already been secured. Contech Engineered Solutions worked with the project engineer at DNF to provide an economical and more hydraulically efficient fish passage for the Lake
Creek crossing.

A 8' x 3'-4" MULTI-PLATE® arch structure, 56' in length, was selected as the best replacement solution. It included a base channel cast into the pedestal wall above the foundation and, to help prevent scour at the inlet and outlet, a step-beveled end treatment.

"Contech was at the pre-bid meeting getting first-hand knowledge of how remote the job was," stated Kevin New, Owner of Ron New & Sons Construction, the project contractor. "They made great suggestions on installing the base channel and expedited delivery which allowed us to finish ahead of schedule."

Technical Description:

• Product: MULTI-PLATE®
• Span: 8-ft
• Rise: 3-ft. 4-in.
• Length: 56 ft.

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