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KY 2766 Culvert Replacement

Caneyville, Kentucky

Bridge Replacement


Kentucky Transportation Cabinet, District 4


Kentucky Transportation Cabinet, District 4


Kentucky Transportation Cabinet, District 4


June 01, 2010

During a 100 year storm event, an existing 10-ft. x 7-ft. diameter pipe along Highway KY 2766 was washed out and caused the roadway above the pipe to collapse. The pipe was undersized and even a 2 year storm caused water to flow over the road above.

With an emergency replacement necessary, Kentucky Transportation Cabinet, District 4 turned to Contech for help. Other clear span solutions were considered but, in the end, the decision was made to install 66 linear feet of a 25-ft.-3-in. x 10-ft.- 2-in. Aluminum Box Culvert with aluminum invert, toewalls and end treatments. The new structure was designed to handle the hydraulics of a 25 year storm by more than doubling the size of the opening.

“When the existing pipe collapsed after the storm event, we needed to respond quickly to get the road back open,” stated Paul Sanders, Transportation Engineer Branch Manger for the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet, District 4 Office. “Using the Aluminum Box Culvert best fit our situation and allowed us to do this.”

The advantages of using an aluminum box culvert included its economical, quick design and fabrication. In addition, the easy installation allowed the district to utilize its own maintenance crews while minimizing road closure time. In fact, this was the first time a long span Aluminum Box Culvert was installed by the district’s own forces. Assembly and installation of the structure, including headwalls and wingwalls, was completed in just five days.

A challenge occurred during assembly when the angle of the wingwalls was incorrect. The problem was solved and the angle was adjusted quickly on site.

“We chose Contech for their experience, and it proved to be a great decision,” added Paul Sanders. “The Aluminum Box Culvert was installed quickly and easily and deemed an overall success.”

Technical Description:

  • Span: 25-ft. 3-in.
  • Rise: 10-ft. 2-in.
  • Length: 66-ft.
  • Product: Aluminum Box Culvert

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