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Kwik Trip Convenience Store Expansion

Winona, Minnesota

Storm Drain


Kwik Trip


Sunde Engineering, Inc.


Zenke Incorporated


October 2015

With over 525 convenience stores located in Wisconsin, Iowa and Minnesota, Kwik Trip is a growing chain. This was no exception for the Winona, Minnesota store located along Broadway Street. With increased traffic in and out of the store, the store needed to expand the fuel pumping station area and store access. Part of this expansion including a driveway apron and additional parking area. To account for the rainwater surface runoff that was anticipated as a result of this newly paved area, a subsurface drainage system was required. The project engineer, Sunde Engineering, Inc. selected a variable height Contech Slotted Drain™ system to handle this.

Slotted Drain provides a simple and effective solution for handling surface runoff after a rain event. Unlike typical parking lots that require grades to be sloped in four directions for each storm collection grate, a parking lot with Contech Slotted  Drain requires only one transverse and one longitudinal slope for the entire drainage area. That translates to a lower-cost installation for the contractor and owner; and less stake-out for the engineer. Because of Slotted Drain’s efficiency in removing surface water, fewer collectors and fewer laterals under the roadway are needed.The 16-gage 12" diameter CSP system with variable height slots was manufactured at the nearby Contech plant in Shakopee, MN. In order for the Slotted Drain to line up with  the existing drainage system, the Slotted Drain was manufactured with a variable height from 24” to 30” above the top of the pipe.

As soon as the contractor, Zenke Incoprated, received two runs of Slotted Drain, they were able to quickly install the 176 LF system before backfilling and paving the surface-way above.

Technical Description:

  • Product: Slotted Drain™ 16-gage, galvanized CSP, variable height
  • Diameter: 12-in.
  • Length: 176 LF Total (2 runs)
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