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Kinsman Lake Dam Culvert Repair

Kinsman, Ohio



Trumbull County


MS Consultants


Jet Excavating


October 2019

Technical Description:

  • Product: DuroMaxx® SRPE
  • Diameter: 96-inch
  • Length: 160 LF (80 LF ea.)

Kinsman Lake is a cultural reservoir located in Trumbull County, Ohio. After some catastrophic flooding earlier in the year that caused the lake to overflow and wash away part of the nearby roadway, a solution was needed immediately to allow the nearby homeowners access to the area. Trumbull County hired MS Consultants, a consulting engineering firm, to develop a solution that would provide long-term durability while meeting all structural requirements to handle the cover heights necessary to match the roadway above.

MS Consultants worked with Contech Engineered Solutions to identify the best solution. DuroMaxx® steel reinforced polyethylene (SRPE) was viewed as the most cost-effective solution that would meet the engineer’s requirements for the project. The project engineer had looked at a variety of potential options before selecting a DuroMaxx® solution. Ultimately, they determined that two new eight-foot culverts were needed to replace the Kinsman Lake dam outfall.

The lead time was critical given the emergency situation. Contech promptly delivered the pipe to the site where it was then installed by the contractor, Jet Excavating. Jet used 14 trucks to haul dirt and stone to the site to rebuild the road and then install the two new eight-foot culverts that would restore the area surrounding the Kinsman Lake dam. The twin culverts will serve as a drainage system when storms pass through the area.

Main Photo Credit: The Tribune Chronicle,

Technical Description:

  • Product: DuroMaxx® SRPE
  • Diameter: 96-inch
  • Length: 160 LF (80 LF ea.)

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