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Judge Elliott Drive

Pottsboro, Texas

Stream Crossing


Grayson County - Precinct 4


Grayson County


Grayson County, Sub-Contractor: J.R. Davis and Associates


July 2015

Grayson County and the Union Pacific Railroad participated in a roadway relocation project, which once complete, would allow the closing of a hazardous crossing over active railroad tracks. The project included crossing a creek which drained a considerable amount of acreage yet provided only limited coverage for conventional drainage pipes. Drainage studies of the area indicated that a twin 9' x 8' concrete box culvert would be the best solution for the site.

In an effort to save tax dollars, while also meeting load ratings required by state guidelines, alternatives were researched. As the final solution, a 20'-10" x 8'-1 " Aluminum Box Culvert (ALBC), 31'-6" in length, was selected and installed on the re-routed Judge Elliott Drive. The ALBC was selected for its drainage capacity, cost savings, and ease and speed of installation.

Project construction included two days of excavation and foundation work, two days of on-site assembly and installation of the plate structure and two days to backfill. Installation went smoothly and quickly, while providing Grayson County with an affordable solution to a challenging drainage site. The savings achieved by using the Aluminum Box Culvert were then utilized to fund other needed road maintenance projects in the area.

"I'm very pleased with the modular arch structure Grayson County had installed," stated Joel Hogenson, Project Advisor with Grayson County - Precinct 4. "The poured-in-place footings eliminated the need for a bottom to be constructed as it allowed the creek channel to remain natural without further treatment. The structure provided Grayson County with an economically sound solution to an otherwise more expensive drainage project. The support, technical advice, and assembly work provided by Contech Engineered Solutions and the J.R. Davis and Associates assembly crew were excellent."

Technical Description:

• Product: Aluminum Box Culvert
• Span: 20-ft. 10-in.
• Rise: 8-ft. 1-in.
• Length: 31-ft. 6-in.

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