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Johnson Fork Road

Franklin County, Indiana

Bridge Replacement


Franklin County Engineer


Franklin County Engineer


R.H. Marlin


December 18, 1998

Faced with a deteriorating and deficient structure, forced to carry heavy loads at high frequencies, Indiana’s Franklin County found a bridge replacement by Contech Construction Products Inc. that allowed them to stayed within its tight budget. Johnson Fork Road is the primary route to Interstate 74 and is heavily trafficked by farm equipment and grain trucks. With an 8-ton weight limit, the original bridge was structurally obsolete and deteriorated.

The County was restricted to a $100,000 budget to replace this bridge. Using their own forces, R.H. Marlin, and Contech for installation, the County was able to complete the project. R.H. Marlin Representative Steve Hatfield stated that nothing matches CON/SPAN®’s ease of installation and consistency and uniformity of the precast pieces.


Technical Description:

  • Span: 32 ft
  • Rise: 9 ft
  • Length: 32 ft

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