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Jefferson County Stone Conveyor Tunnel

Louisville, Kentucky



Rogers Group


Process Machinery Inc.


Process Machinery Inc.



The Rogers Group needed a solution that could accommodate a conveyor system for a rock quarry in Louisville, Kentucky. Contech provided a 14’ diameter MULTI-PLATE structure designed with external ring stiffeners/ring beams, and 96 feet of 48” corrugated metal pipe utilized for the escape tunnel. The height of the pile will not exceed 60’.

This reclaim tunnel is used to mingle aggregate passed through a conveyor belt and loaded into delivery trucks. The structure allowed for three points of entry to pass the aggregates onto the conveyor belt. A concrete bottom was also poured to give a leveled path for the conveyor belt. Installation took one week.

Technical Description:

  • Product: MULTI-PLATE® Structural Plate
  • Diameter: 14-FT

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