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Indian Creek Flood Mitigation Improvements

Miami Beach, Florida

Drainage / Flood Mitigation


October 2016

In the summer of 2016, the City of Miami Beach, in partnership with the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT), implemented a flood mitigation program along the Indian Creek Drive/SR A1A corridor. The improvement included the installation of a pump station and elevation of the existing roadway and sidewalks to implement enhanced flooding solutions to the area.

The improvements were rolled out in two separate phases to minimize the traffic disturbances in the surrounding community. The pumping station required a 72-in. pipe to convey storm water runoff from the pump station in Miami Beach to a nearby outfall.

In the past, the typical solution for this type of application has been reinforced concrete pipe (RCP). However, the project site was in a very tight construction space, located adjacent to a roadway on one side and a canal along the other side. This limitation forced the design build team to look at alternative solutions. The consulting engineer, Ribbeck Engineering and the general contractor, David Mancini and Sons Inc. (DMSI), worked together to identify the most effective and cost-efficient solution. Ultimately, they selected 3,400 LF of 72-in. DuroMaxx® SPRE pipe manufactured by Contech Engineered Solutions to convey the water from the pump station to the outfall.

DuroMaxx offered several additional advantages for them, including: a watertight joint, longer laying lengths of 24’, a smooth interior for improved hydraulics and excellent durability (FDOT gives it a 100-year service life). The 72-inch drainage system included inline elbows, access risers, and lateral connections for 24” diameter A-2000™ PVC for an effective drainage solution.

Phase I began in October 2016. A 500’ section was plugged and tested to guarantee success of the entire project. Everything performed very well. The entire project was installed primarily in the wet as there was no way to fully dewater the trench given the very high water table. Additionally, the precast junction and access structures were eliminated by using shop fabricated 42” solid wall HDPE access risers and inline elbow fittings to speed construction, reduce the number of joints and provide a consistent hydraulic grade line. 

The successful installation of DuroMaxx was continued for Phase II, which began in May 2017.  Both the City of Miami Beach and FDOT were very satisfied with the result as the surrounding community will greatly benefit from these flood mitigation improvements to Indian Creek.

Click here to watch a video provided by the contractor, David Mancini and Sons Inc.

Technical Description:

  • Product: DuroMaxx® SRPE pipe
  • Diameter: 72-in.
  • Length: 3,400 LF
  • Additional Products: 24" diameter A-2000™ PVC

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