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Hurricane Ridge Culvert Replacement

Port Angeles, Washington

Storm Drain


U.S Department of Interior, Olympic National Park


Bruch & Bruch Construction


February 01, 2009

Strong joints and unique depth of cover requirements made DuroMaxx an ideal option for the Hurricane Ridge Culvert Replacement in Port Angeles, Washington. There were limited options available to replace a failed 50 year old reinforced concrete pipe (RCP) culvert due to joint infiltration and a 48-ft. height of cover requirement. The resulting infiltration caused road washout.

The emergency contract was awarded to Bruch & Bruch Construction to replace 260 of existing 42 -in. RCP pipe. DuroMaxx steel reinforced polyethylene pipe was chosen for the job due to its joint performance and ability to carry fill. Steel reinforcing ribs provide a strong core for DuroMaxx and high-density polyethylene resin provides long-lasting durability at deeper fill heights.

The project was a tremendous success. In approximately 2 weeks, Bruch & Bruch Construction was able to pull the failed RCP culvert, clean out the existing fill and replace with a superior product with greatly improved joints. The method was conventional cut and cover.

The installation went very well from start to end. I am happy with Contech’s service and their responsiveness regarding the various pipe sizes and materials proposed at the beginning of this project. I also really liked the DuroMaxx product, said Sean Coleman of Bruch and Bruch Construction.


Technical Description:

  • DuroMaxx® 260 LF of 42-in. dia. WT


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