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Home Depot


March, 2005

Technical Description:

  • (4) Filterra Bioretention Systems
The Filterra Biofiltration System found ready acceptance by Home Depot, the worlds largest home-improvement retailer, at their location in Williamsburg, Virginia. This commercial development featured retail parking encompassing about 2 acres. To maximize parking, Home Depot benefited from Filterra’s compact design and high pollutant removal efficiency.

The projects location in York County Virginia was within the Chesapeake Bay watershed. Adhering to the stringent pollutant removal requirements of the Chesapeake Bay Protection Act was critical for the client. While achieving high removal efficiencies was important, the client also needed to maximize land use for customer parking.

Filterra offered several advantages over competing proprietary BMPs including high pollutant removal rates of Total Phosphorus. The local jurisdiction, York County, allows Filterra 65% removal rate for Total Phosphorus. More importantly, Filterra could be placed in landscaped traffic islands without loss of any parking spaces allowing for maximum land use. Plants used within the system added aesthetics while enhancing pollutant removal.

Four standard 6’ x 6’ Filterra systems were placed in multiple landscaped traffic islands to eliminate loss of parking spaces. Within these islands a flume directs flow to the throat of Filterra in a cross-linear fashion. Grate inlets accepting bypass flow are located several hundred feet from each Filterra. This design allowed drainage for the entire site and met the Chesapeake Bay’s stormwater requirements.

Technical Description:

  • (4) Filterra Bioretention Systems

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