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Gulf of Mexico Wave Protection

Franklin County, Florida

Shoreline Protection


Florida Department of Transportation


Florida Department of Transportation


Phoenix Construction Services


October 2008

For more than 30 years, coastal erosion and damage has been documented for nearly a dozen hurricanes and other tropical storms in Northwest Florida. In 2005, Hurricane Dennis hit the southeast coast and caused signi cant damage to the coastline in Franklin County. As time passed, severe beach erosion continued along State Route 30/US 98, a major coastal highway, and put the road in danger.

The County needed to repair the diminishing road as quickly and e ciently as possible. The project was designed to armor and protect the stretch of road adjacent to St. George Sound. Franklin County chose ArmorFlex revetment systems to line the coast because of its ability to vary in width and length, giving the contractor exibility with installation.

ArmorFlex interlocking blocks have a high unit weight and proven erosion control methods against wave attack. The cellular concrete mats reduce cost by limiting wasted material, making ArmorFlex the best solution for the coastal improvements.

In the aftermath of the hurricane, President George W. Bush declared Franklin County one of 13 federal disaster areas in Florida. The County became eligible for FEMA’s Public Assistance funds for emergency services and to help restore or rebuild essential public facilities. This wave protection project was also funded by FEMA.


Technical Description:

  • Product: ArmorFlex® Class 70
  • Area: 647,019 sf

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