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Greenview Drive Widening

Lynchburg, Virginia

Storm Sewer


City of Lynchburg


Warner White Engineering Partners


Counts and Dobyns, Inc.


June 2010

Technical Description:

Slotted Drain 110 LF ALT2 of 30” dia.

The City of Lynchburg, Virginia with the assistance of the VDOT Urban Construction Initiative (also known as the First Cities Initiative) was able to begin the Greenview Drive Widening project which would widen the drive to a four-lane facility with a raised landscaped median.

A part of this project included improving the intersection of Greenview and Leesville Road, a commercial entrance. This involved the installation of a hundred feet of slotted drain to help with the runoff on the roadway after a rain event. Given the heavy traffic flow through this intersection, it was important that this project quickly and easily be installed.

Warner White Engineering Partners., the City’s design consultant on the project, reviewed several solutions before selecting the variable height Slotted Drain by Contech Engineered Solutions. Contech’s Slotted Drain efficiently removes surface water from the surface of the streets and with the straight-side grate and reinforcing spacer plates, it was a clear and cost-effective solution.

“During construction we noticed that the grades of the entrance were so long and flat that a large spread of water was created during rain events. The spread caused a spray of water from traveling vehicles. We determined that the slotted drain was the most efficient way to capture the water and it works perfectly,” President of Warner White, Trent Warner, P.E. noted.

Contractor Counts and Dobyns, Inc. received the slotted drain on the site and were able to install the 110 LF of 30” diameter pipe quickly and easily to provide both an aesthetic and functional drainage solution.

Technical Description:

Slotted Drain 110 LF ALT2 of 30” dia.

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