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River Grove, Illinois

Stormwater Detention


Go To Logistics 


Spaceco, Inc 


Alessio & Sons Co. / Triumph Construction


December 2017

Technical Description:

6,116 LF of 96" Aluminized Steel Type 2

Go To Logistics is a family-owned company specializing in freight transport and logistics services. Their new 225,000 square foot warehouse provides a larger capacity needed for expansion of the business.

The Metropolitan Water Reclamation District (MWRD) governs stormwater regulations where this project was developed. MWRD’s Watershed Management Ordinance required 8.57 Acre-Feet of rate and volume control storage at this site. The site constraints required this volume to be stored in two hydraulically connected underground detention facilities located to the North and East of the new warehouse.

The site will experience large, daily volumes of heavy semi-truck traffic. The project stakeholders required an underground system that can withstand repeated semi loading and construction of concrete pavement with minimal cover, all while keeping total installed cost to a minimum. 

During the design phase, the stakeholders including the civil engineer, owner, and general contractor vetted several options. Contech has supplied many systems demonstrating the structural prowess of CMP in applications with heavy loading. The Contech solution was selected based on the ability to meet the project constraints at the lowest cost.

Contech worked closely with Spaceco to layout a system within the geometric site constraints and supply supporting design information relevant to meeting MWRD regulations for rate and volume control.  Additionally, Contech provided structural documentation supporting the capability of the 96” CMP systems to handle the unique loading requirements at this site. Contech also provided on-site assistance during the installation of the systems.

Alessio & Sons Co, performed the excavation, setting, and backfill of the system. Exfiltration joints were utilized along with CA-7 backfill to take advantage of void space within the stone to optimize the design for the lowest cost. Given the size of the system, a rock shooter was employed to cast the CA-7 throughout the system and plate compactors compacted the stone in between the barrels.

Technical Description:

6,116 LF of 96" Aluminized Steel Type 2


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