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Glycol Recovery Vault

Hebron, Kentucky

Storage Tanks


Cincinnati/N. Kentucky Int’l Airport


Estes Engineering/Case Lowe & Hart


Aviation Constructors


October 15, 1992

CON/SPAN® technology was applied to create two 150,000-gallon capacity glycol run-off storage tanks at the airport. These precast modular tanks were installed to control the level of deicing solvents released into an adjacent storm sewer.

The tanks are central to the airport’s innovative deicing process, considered one of the most advanced systems in the nation. In addition, this airport is believed to be the first to utilize modular precast concrete vaulted tanks for glycol recovery. The tanks store all spent glycol to be held for recycling and treatment. Below-grade placement provides protection from potential hazards. Finally, the space above is fully utilized since units are designed as bridge components.

Technical Description:

  • Span: 24 ft
  • Rise: 10 ft
  • Length: 192 ft

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