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Fable Hills Development

Hugo, Minnesota

Roadway Over Creek


Pratt Homes/Len Pratt


Short Elliott Hendrickson


Redstone Construction Mora


January 29, 2004

“Old Ireland” was the theme of the new Fable Hills Development. For the entrance to the development, Pratt Homes was looking for a cornerstone crossing over Clearwater Creek. They were able to span the creek and bring the “old charm” to Fable Hills with an emerald green Contech vehicular truss bridge. Pratt Homes chose a Keystone® style bridge with a timber deck and concrete abutments that incorporated a stained stone formliner.


Technical Description:

  • Width: 38 - ft.
  • Span: 60 - ft.
  • Style: Keystone®
  • Finish: Painted Steel
  • Decking: Wood

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