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Easley Range Reconstruction

Fort Benning, Georgia



United State Army Marksmanship Unit - Service Rifle Team


Fort Benning Department of Public Works


Extreme Services


January 2010

The Easley Range at Fort Benning is a Known Distance (KD) firing range for up to 50 caliber rifles and was constructed in the late 1940’s. In order to protect the soldiers so they can activate targets and gain shooting skills, the range utilized firing berms supported by half round corrugated metal pipe retaining walls. These walls were beginning to deteriorate and the United States Army Marksmanship Unit Service Rifle Team and the Fort Benning Department of Public Works (DPW) needed to replace the walls with a more stable product.

During reconstruction, all training would be suspended and thus, the major challenge of the project was time. A fast installation was imperative. Also, if the project proved successful, the DPW would use the range reconstruction as a prototype for all small arms KD range reconstruction projects on post.

Cast-in-place concrete was considered for the solution but proved expensive and would not meet the tight timeline. The Fort Benning DPW chose Bin-Wall retaining walls from Contech for the project because they were composed of sturdy, lightweight steel sections that were easily bolted together at the job site, allowing for a fast installation, lower initial cost and reduced maintenance expenses. They also provided a gravity-type retaining wall with exceptional strength and stability.

The Bin-Walls enabled installation in difficult conditions which proved essential with the steady rain the project received. The weather conditions could have delayed the project but Extreme Services installed 320 linear feet of 9 foot tall Bin Wall in just six days. They also installed 320 feet of Contech Bridge Plank for a cantilevered roof protecting soldiers down range from the elements.

“All KD ranges in the Army should be built just like this one” said SFC Lance Dement, acting NCOIC of the United States Army Marksmanship Unit – Service Rifle Team. “The Bin-Wall is perfect for our needs and was installed quickly, despite the terrible weather. We have a great product that will stand the test of time. HOORAH!”

Technical Description:

  • Product: Bin-Wall, 320 LF Bridge Plank, 320 LF

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