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Dixie National Forest Culvert Replacement

Bryce Canyon, Utah

Stream Crossing / Culvert Replacement


Dixie National Forest


Dixie National Forest


Leavco, Inc.


July 2014

Podunk Guard Station was constructed in 1928 and has been used by generations of the Dixie National Forest Service employees at Bryce Canyon National Park. Just outside of this two room guard station, there sits a narrow mountain valley in which replacement of two old and deteriorating culverts were needed. The culverts replaced were located about 16 miles south of Highway 12.

Funding was secured by the Dixie National Forest to replace these two failing culverts with two single radius MULTI-PLATE® structural plate pipe arches with step-beveled ends supplied by Contech Engineered Solutions.  The two pipe arches were set onto receiving channels that were cast into the cast-in-place stem wall foundations for a quick and simple installation process.

Technical Description:

  • Product: MULTI-PLATE® Pipe Arches (2)
  • Span: 17'
  • Rise: 5'-3"
  • Length: 40 LF & 50 LF
  • 10 Gage with Step-Beveled Ends

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