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Dallas Arboretum - Rory Meyers Children's Adventure Garden

Dallas, Texas

Rainwater Harvesting


Dallas Arboretum


Pacheco Koch


C-Con Services Inc.



Technical Description:

  • CDS® Hydrodynamic Separator 
  • (2) DuroMaxx® rainwater harvesting cisterns

The Dallas Arboretum’s Rory Meyers Children’s Adventure Garden is a fun nature and science gateway for children of all ages. The Gardens’ unique blend of innovative technology, found in the 150 interactive exhibits spread over 8 acres, entertains and educates visitors on concepts such as photosynthesis, pollination, the solar system, erosion, and energy.

The garden also incorporates many sustainable features such as recycled materials, planted roofs to reduce heat, low-flow plumbing, solar panels, and an UrbanGreen rainwater harvesting system from Contech Engineered Solutions that provides water for irrigation.

Contech worked with engineers at Pacheco Koch to design a system consisting of a CDS hydrodynamic separator, two DuroMaxx SRPE cisterns, and mechanical pumps and controls.

The CDS provides pretreatment for the runoff. Pretreating stormwater prior to storage protects downstream pumps, filters, and fixtures from damage or clogging, and lowers cleaning and maintenance costs by keeping pollutants out of the cistern and mechanical system. It also reduces the amount of organic matter and biological oxygen demand (BOD) in the cistern, decreasing the likelihood of creating anaerobic conditions and associated odors. 

Footprint constraints required the use of the two 96" diameter DuroMaxx cisterns providing 50,000 gallons of storage. With its combination of steel reinforced polyethylene construction and watertight joints, DuroMaxx is the perfect choice for rainwater harvesting applications. Once the cisterns reach full capacity, the remaining stormwater runoff will discharge into White Rock Lake.

Contech also provided an integrated system that included all the mechanical pumps and controls; including an exterior cabinet, pump, 100 micron screening filter with auto flush, and a system controller with level monitoring and city water makeup control.               

"We have been working with Contech for years and have had good success with their products, and appreciate their design assistance" said James Koch, Vice President of Pacheco Koch.

Technical Description:

  • CDS® Hydrodynamic Separator 
  • (2) DuroMaxx® rainwater harvesting cisterns

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