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Cottonwood Canyon

Salt Lake City, Utah

Storm Drain


Cottonwood Heights City


Gilson Engineering, Inc.


DRD Paving



Technical Description:

DuroMaxx® 24-in. diameter • A-2000™ PVC 15-in. &18-in. diameters

A small, residential neighborhood drainage project in an ideal, easy-access location, Cottonwood Canyon proved to be a great test site for the first ever DuroMaxx steel rib reinforced storm drain pipe installation. Multiple diameters were needed to tackle the overland drainage flow problem and Gilson Engineering, Inc. decided to go with DuroMaxx in 24-inch diameter and A-2000 PVC drainage pipe in both 15 and 18-inch diameters for the project. DRD Paving was awarded the contract based on their previous work with the city of Cottonwood Heights and their outstanding performance history.

DuroMaxx exceeds existing high density polyethylene (HDPE) pipe performance by offering RPE (Steel Rib Reinforced Polyethylene), an innovative process to introduce steel ribs in the pipe wall, resulting higher strength, durability and flow rates in a watertight bell and spigot joint system.

Brad Gilson with Gilson Engineering stated, “It’s a good looking pipe. The stiffness made it easier to handle and get a straight line. If you compare pipes, standard high-density polyethylene is on one end and reinforced concrete pipe is on the other – DuroMaxx fits nicely in the middle”

An engineered polyethylene steel pipe, DuroMaxx presents a structured outer profile wall and a smooth internal surface. Suitable for drainage, sanitary, irrigation and detention applications, DuroMaxx is extruded using a pressure rated HDPE resin that fully encapsulates the ribs of steel for added durability. The combination of steel and polyethylene material structure creates a pipe with high strength and relatively low material mass resulting in significant performance attributes.

“The new DuroMaxx pipe product exhibited ease of installation compared to concrete pipe – approximately 75% faster to install – which reduced our street closure time by 50%” said David Harrison, owner of DRD Paving. “I will surely recommend to the civil engineers and design specialist I work with to specify this product on all of our future projects”


Technical Description:

DuroMaxx® 24-in. diameter • A-2000™ PVC 15-in. &18-in. diameters

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