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Corral Canyon Road at Solstice Creek

Malibu, California

Stream Crossing


City of Malibu


Jones Stokes Associates


Cinary Construction


December 2007

The City of Malibu had a goal of improving the alignment of Corral Canyon Road, a narrow, winding, two-lane road that serves a community of single-family homes. The road crossed Solstice Creek, a sensitive habitat for steelhead trout, less than a half mile from the coastline. A 15 year old narrow, four-sided box culvert supported the roadway above but introduced a barrier to fish migration due to its invert elevation resting above the natural streambed. Looking to accomplish both goals, the City was awarded funding from the California Department of Fish & Game, the Wildlife Conservation Board and the California Coastal Conservancy for the removal and replacement of this culvert.

The replacement structure was required to have a clear span with a natural bottom in order to minimize disturbance to the area and to allow the fish to migrate through the structure and into the Solstice Canyon Watershed. In addition, a clear span would not clog with debris and would be virtually maintenance free, providing a more environmentally friendly solution. “The reason for the clear span bridge was mainly for environmental reasons” stated Jim Thorsen, City Manger with the City of Malibu. “We wanted to provide a clear passage for both juvenile and adult steelhead trout within the stream bed. The previous concrete bottom bridge prevented the trout fish passage” A 42 x 11 ft CON/SPAN® Bridge System fit the project requirements and was chosen because of its open bottom. The structure was installed in two phases to maintain one lane access throughout the construction process. In addition, the installation of the structure was done at night to further avoid impacting the traveling public. Once installed, the new structure allowed for the return of the natural stream condition. “The quality of the CON/SPAN structure was superb. It made for a quick installation while minimizing traffic disruption and ensuring the passage of heavy life-safety vehicles, “ added Mr. Thorsen. “At the same time, it met our specifications for a soft bottom design, reducing stream flow velocities and allowing for an environmentally superior solution to a concrete bottom structure”


Technical Description:

  • Span: 42 ft
  • Rise: 11 ft
  • Length: 42 ft

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