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Chrisco Cemetery

Shannon County, Missouri

Low Water Crossing


Shannon County


Shannon County


Miller & Sons


May 2005

An existing low water crossing that serviced Chrisco Cemetery consisted of many large precast concrete planks placed upon a soil foundation. Over the years, the water had undermined the precast concrete plank crossing, causing it to fail.

When Shannon County received grant money to fix the crossing, they worked with Contech to develop a solution utilizing ArmorFlex Class 45S articulating concrete revetment mats. The flexibility of ArmorFlex mats provides better support than rigid concrete planks in a freeze-thaw environment where differential settlement can occur.

The County’s maintenance crew worked with a local contractor to prepare the foundation and install the ArmorFlex system. Larger shot rock was used as a foundation and then soil placed above as a base. A woven monofilament geotextile was then placed on the base prior to placing ArmorFlex. The ArmorFlex Class 45S units were buried on both the upstream and downstream edges of the low water crossing with shot rock placed on top of the anchor trenches for additional scour protection.


Technical Description:

  • Product: ArmorFlex® Class 45S
  • Area: 2,560 sf

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