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Carlota Copper Mine

., Arizona

Channel Lining






R.E. Monks


August 2008

Technical Description:

  • Product: ArmorFlex® Class 40
  • Area: 151,000 sf

In the process of constructing the Carlota Copper Mine, Quadra needed to create a diversion channel for a large stream and eight other tributaries in the canyon. Originally, the channel was designed to be lined with shotcrete. After reconsideration of water velocities, differential settlement issues and long term maintenance, it was decided that articulating concrete blocks (ACB) would be the best solution.

The project was under a tight timeline and needed to be completed before the end of summer, when the heavy rains would begin to fall. Quadra chose ArmorFlex as the most economical, time efficient and environmentally friendly solution for the project.

Part of the challenge for contractor R.E. Monks was the limited working conditions. The site provided no access from above for a crane and allowed only loaders and excavators to be utilized. The installation began in early June and ended on August 8, 2008, meeting the construction deadline for the mine.

Additionally, the channel lining is designed for short term use. Due to the estimated mine life of nine years, the ACB mats will be in place for ten years before the channel is restored to its natural state.

The Carlota Copper Mine is a permitted and financed development copper project and is expected to be in full production in fourth quarter 2008. It is located in one of the most significant copper mining regions in the world.


Technical Description:

  • Product: ArmorFlex® Class 40
  • Area: 151,000 sf

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