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Capital Regional Medical Center – Rehabilitation Expansion

Tallahassee, Florida

Stormwater Management


Hospital Corporation of America


Catalyst Design Group


Brenner Contracting


Summer 2021

Technical Description:

  • CDS® Hydrodynamic Separator
  • Stormwater Management StormFilter®
  • 258' of 72" Perforated Aluminized Steel Type 2 

The Capital Regional Medical Center expanded its rehabilitation facility to increase its ability to serve the community. Expanding on a fully developed site presented several challenges for the engineers at Catalyst Design Group. Among them was complying with current stormwater requirements. With no room to construct a surface pond, the design team turned to an underground facility for their stormwater design. As is common in Tallahassee, the soils did not percolate, so the water quality aspect would need to be achieved by some other means. The project engineer had worked with Contech on several previous projects and reached out to our local Stormwater Consultant for assistance.

The City of Tallahassee requires all underground systems be designed to the City’s minimum design standards. Contech’s perforated pipe solution can satisfy the City’s requirements and offers a more cost-effective solution than other alternatives. For this project, the design utilized a 72” diameter perforated aluminized pipe solution backfilled with stone to enhance storage and facilitate backfilling of the system. Engineers configured the pipe solution to provide 10,072 cf of storage within the limited available space.

In addition to providing 6 feet of vertical clearance, the City’s requirements include pre-treatment of the first 1.125 inches of runoff entering the system. For this, the project engineer specified Contech’s CDS® hydrodynamic separator. In addition to providing an 80% average annual sediment capture efficiency, the CDS uses indirect, non-blocking screening technology to capture 100% of all material down to the size of a match head.

For water quality treatment, engineers specified Contech’s Stormwater Management StormFilter® to remove pollutants, including nutrients. The StormFilter system can be outfitted with Phosphosorb® media, which has demonstrated an 82% total phosphorus and 50% total nitrogen reduction. This media is housed within specially designed cartridges to optimize performance and extend operation between maintenance events. A 96” manhole containing ten (10) cartridges was specified to meet the water-quality volume recovery time and manage the amount of pollutants predicted for the basin size and land use.

The project serves as another example of Contech’s ability to utilize a diverse portfolio of stormwater solutions to meet site challenges. After working with the project engineer to help them address their site’s design challenges, the project was successfully permitted through the NWFWMD and the City of Tallahassee and constructed in the spring of 2021.

Technical Description:

  • CDS® Hydrodynamic Separator
  • Stormwater Management StormFilter®
  • 258' of 72" Perforated Aluminized Steel Type 2 

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