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Boucher Automotive Group

Franklin, Wisconsin

Stormwater Detention and Stormwater Treatment


Boucher Automotive Group


Site Engineering Services


D. F. Tomasini Contractors Inc.


February 2012

A Milwaukee native, Gordon Boucher began his automotive career in 1956 in sales for a local dealership. In 1977, Boucher opened his first Lincoln-Mercury store, and ultimately grew to own 16 southeastern Wisconsin dealerships. To showcase additional inventory, Boucher wished to expand his Franklin dealership, but expansion couldn’t be complete without addressing state stormwater regulations. Boucher contacted Site Engineering Services of Hartland, WI, to design the site stormwater management plan and project.

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) mandates that redevelopment projects require a 40% Total Suspended Solids (TSS) reduction in the stormwater leaving the project. With the urban-set project and Boucher’s direction to expand the parking area for at least 200 cars, an aboveground TSS removal pond was not an option. To further complicate matters, the site layout was long and narrow, with a steep cross-slope in the middle.

“The whole point of the expansion was to gain parking for at least 200 cars” said project engineer Martin Worden of Site Engineering Services, referring to the challenging layout of the 2.51-acre site. “We were really struggling to fit everything the client needed on this narrow parcel of land”

Underground pipes to store stormwater using catch basins for the stormwater quality were considered. When the number of catch basins grew to 26, it was evident another solution was needed.

Site Engineering Services contacted Contech for an economical solution that met DNR requirements. Contech proposed using corrugated metal pipe (CMP) to create an underground water detention with two treatment systems designed to imitate the bay of a wet pond to conform with the DNR technical standards.

“We knew we had to find another solution. The large diameter Contech pipe was that solution” said Worden. “Two sections of 84-in. diameter pipe totaling 67-ft. in length replaced the 26 five-foot-diameter catch basins, and restored sanity to the design”

Technical Description:

  • CMP Detention
  • 800-ft. of 72-in. dia. Aluminized CMP
  • CMP Treatment
  • 23 & 44-ft. of 84-in. Aluminized CMP

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