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Biers Run Road Substation

Union Township, Ohio

Stream Crossing


American Electric Power


Triad Engineering


Kwest Group


January 14, 2014

Technical Description:

• Span: 55’
• Rise: 8’-11 1/8”
• Length: 24’

As authorized by the Ohio Power Sitting Board, American Electric Power (AEP) started construction of a new switching substation on a parcel of land about four miles northwest of Chillicothe, Ohio and approximately 103 acres in size. In order to accommodate development in the area, increase reliability and avoid widespread power outages, a new substation was necessary.

“The Biers Run Substation project is essential to ensure that AEP Ohio will continue to provide reliable electric power to households, businesses and industries in our area — not just tomorrow, but far into the future,” said Vikki Michalski, AEP Ohio’s Spokesperson.

In order to provide access to the substation, a structure able to clear span a stream crossing was needed along Biers Run Road. AEP required that the bridge be designed, fabricated and constructed within a tight time frame. Since the lead times for a conventional bridge were outside of the allowable time for completion, a 55’ x 8’-11 1/8” CON/SPAN® O-Series® Bridge System, 24’ in length, was selected as the best solution for its ability to meet the deadline in a cost effective manner. The bottomless, three-sided CON/SPAN structure was installed without impacting the ordinary high water mark of Biers Run and avoided permitting issues from the U.S. Army Corps and Ohio EPA which would have added significant time and cost to the project. The structure also met the necessary hydraulic requirements.

Triad Engineering opted to have Contech Engineered Solutions design and supply the structure, further streamlining the time and cost savings. Contech added value to the project by assisting with hydraulic modeling, geotechnical guidance, foundation design and providing assistance with installation. The precast structure was installed in just two days with the substation to be completed in Summer 2015.

“The utilization of the CON/SPAN O-Series structure allowed us to avoid both a Corps of Engineers and Ohio EPA permit which saved both time and money,” stated L. Lee McCoy, Jr., P.E., Civil Engineering Services Manager with Triad Engineering. “The construction was simple enough that a specialty contractor was not needed, resulting in a significant cost savings.”

Technical Description:

• Span: 55’
• Rise: 8’-11 1/8”
• Length: 24’

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