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Auburn Technology Park

Auburn, Alabama

Stream Crossing


City of Auburn


City of Auburn - Engineering Department


D&J Enterprises Inc.


June 2013

Technical Description:

• Span: 40 ft
• Rise: 10 ft
• Length: 54 ft

The City of Auburn’s industrial base is built around small to mid-sized value added, technology based manufacturing corporations. The City has three technology parks and one industrial park, which includes Auburn Technology Park West (ATPW). Completed in 2008, the 450-acre ATPW currently houses six companies with another three companies ready to occupy areas under construction. Conveniently located 1.2 miles southwest of Interstate 85, ATPW is zoned industrial with its national and international based corporations focused on manufacturing operations, such as jet engine and aircraft systems.

During the construction of a new roadway within ATPW, the City searched for a stream crossing solution. Since the City was under obligation to and had promised several industries within the park that the roadway would be completed within a short timeframe, they turned to Contech Engineered Solutions for help. In order to avoid timely and costly permitting issues, a 40’ x 10’ CON/SPAN® O-Series Bridge System, 54’ in length, was selected over a conventional box culvert. The precast system was chosen for its quick installation and ability to clear span the stream without impacting the environment.

The Contractor, D&J Enterprises Inc, had allocated five days for the installation of the bridge in their bid, but much to their surprise, it was completed in just one day! All nine precast arch units were set in place via crane by noon. After lunch, two headwalls and two wingwalls were installed, the joints were sealed and the keyway was grouted. The installation was completed in full by 5:45 pm.

“We, along with the Contractor, were impressed with the quick, one day installation time of the precast CON/SPAN structure,” stated Jeff Ramsey, City Engineer/Public Works Director with the City. “The Contractor had a significant amount of fill material to move from one side of the stream to the other, but due to stream and wetland impacts, could not accomplish this work until the precast structure was installed. Once installed, the Contractor was able to complete the remaining earthwork on the project very quickly.”

Technical Description:

• Span: 40 ft
• Rise: 10 ft
• Length: 54 ft

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