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Alexan Subdivision

Riverdale, New Jersey



DR Horton




R&R Construction


March 8, 2005

Two 54-ft. span BEBO® arch bridges and 150,000 square feet of Keystone® modular retaining blocks were combined for a stream crossing in this high-end residential development. The structures, spanning delineated wetlands in a mountainous terrain, were installed in just hours due to careful planning and timely delivery.

The unique BEBO shape provides load-carrying capacity for rock blasting equipment and oversized vehicles that will cross the bridge for new development construction. This soil-overfilled structure will provide the patrons of Alexan Subdivision an aesthetic and maintenance-free structure for many years to come.

Technical Description:

  • Span: 53 ft 7-in. 54-ft.
  • Rise: 14-ft. 20-ft.
  • Length: 60-ft. 48-ft.

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