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Al Tahoe Phase II

South Lake Tahoe, California

Storm Sewer


City of South Lake Tahoe


Manhard Consulting Ltd


Burdick Excavating


June 2010

To restore the Lake Tahoe Basin, the Federal Government joined with California, Nevada and the Tahoe community and embarked upon a 10-year, $900 million cleanup effort and implemented the Lake Tahoe Restoration Act.  The City of South Lake Tahoe is focusing on improving erosion control and water quality by keeping fine sediment and nutrients out of the Lake and reducing or treating the snow melt and storm water runoff running directly to the Lake.

The City worked with Manhard Consulting Ltd to chose Eagle Corr PE pipe to help manage a portion of the runoff. The site had a small footprint and Eagle Corr PE was an ideal gravity flow drainage solution. The corrugated exterior of the high density polyethylene (HDPE) pipe provided structural strength and the smooth interior provided maximum hydraulic efficiency. Also, the superior strength-to-weight ratio and flexible conduit design also enabled it to support the loads and associated cover heights.

Burdick Excavating installed 80 -ft. of 12 inch perforated, 225 -ft. of 15 inch perforated, 1,629 -ft. of 18 inch perforated and 977 -ft. of 24 inch perforated Eagle Corr PE pipe. Two Stormwater Management StormFilters were also installed to treat the stormwater runoff.

“The StormFilters were set in our excavation by crane and went together flawlessly on a precipice above Lake Tahoe” said Linda Burdick of Burdick Excavating.

Considering the various challenges due to the tight construction limits, community impact mitigation and utility conflicts, Eagle Corr PE-ft.s  were extremely important to the successful installation. Eagle Corr PE was ideal for gravity flow in the site-ft.s small footprint and the StormFilters were a perfect solution for stormwater treatment.

“Contech has been providing us with outstanding design and delivery for many years, and this project was no exception” said Burdick. “The ease of handling due to the weight of each stick of HDPE, as well as the slip joint connection, made installation efficient and therefore economical”

Technical Description:

  • Eagle Corr PE™
  • 80-ft. of 12-in. perfo rated
  • 225-ft. of 15-in. perfo rated
  •  Stormwater Management StormFilter® (2)

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