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Air Expressway

Victorville, California


City of Victorville


City of Victorville


Sully Miller Contracting Company


July 2008

When the City of Victorville decided to widen Air Expressway from National Trails Highway to Village Drive, a bridge was needed to span a stream.

Project plans originally included a four cell box culvert which would have taken five months to build, including excavation, allowing the cast-in-place box culvert to cure and for backfilling. This time frame was deemed unacceptable by the City and alternate structures were considered.

In the end, Contech was chosen to provide a precast 42-ft. x 10-ft. CON/SPAN® Bridge System in lieu of the box culvert. Installation of this precast option included just one week to prepare the site, two days for the actual install and three days to backfill - a time savings of over four and a half months. This allowed for the road closure to be greatly minimized.

Not only did the precast option save the City of Victorville half of the original, estimated cost for construction but the clear span will save on future maintenance costs as well. The box culvert option would have required removal of debris caught on the middle supports while the CON/SPAN alleviates this need. “Contech was very helpful during the design process” states R. Hiram Houck, Senior Civil Engineer with the City of Victorville, California. “They responded quickly to our needs and changes and their reasonable price included not only the structure but also the engineering. In the end, we saved money, time and received a better quality product. It’s not often that we win all around”


Technical Description:

  • Span: 42 -ft.
  • Rise: 10 -ft.
  • Length: 197 -ft.

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