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Acton Academy

Austin, Texas

Stormwater Management


Acton Academy


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Acton Academy, located in Austin Texas, is a private educational facility serving first through ninth graders. The students are taught in a one-room schoolhouse environment via project based learning, the Socratic Method and the latest in educational game-based software.

The construction of a new, four-acre campus will encompass 15,600 square feet and will replace its current, temporary location.

The construction of the new site required a stormwater management system that could meet the City of Austin’s Water Quality Standards while maximizing land use. The engineers on the project, MWM Design Group, consulted with Contech Engineered Solutions to develop a unique solution that included pretreatment, rainwater harvesting and stormwater detention.

Runoff from roof tops, parking lots and other impervious surfaces is first treated by a CDS hydrodynamic separator. The CDS uses a combination of swirl concentration and patented indirect screening to remove 100% of floatables and neutrally buoyant material, without binding. Pretreatment with a CDS removes trash and solids debris to protect downstream structures from solids occlusion, and isolates sediment into a single structure to provide easy maintenance.

After treatment, a diversion structure directs water into a rainwater harvesting cistern made from 314 LF of 84-in. diameter ALT2 CMP providing 12,084 CF of storage.  Once the cistern is full, the diversion structure directs additional flows to a detention system made of 231 LF of 60-in. ALT2 CMP providing 4,552 CF of detention. The detention system holds the stormwater until it can be discharged thought the existing stormwater infrastructure at a controlled rate. Constructing the system in this way drastically reduced the cost of the stormwater management system, and also reduced the potable water demand for irrigation use.

Installation of the stormwater management system was completed in the winter of 2013, and the new Acton Academy campus opened in September of 2013.

Technical Description:

  • CDS ® Hydrodynamic Separator
  • Rainwater Harvesting Cistern made from 314 LF of 84-in dia CMP
  • CMP Detention - 231 LF of 60-in. dia CMP

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