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3000W Badger Creek

Tetonia, Idaho

Stream Crossing


Teton County


Harmony Design & Engineering


Aqua Terra Restoration LLC


November 2013

Technical Description:

• Span: 43’
• Rise: 8’-9”
• Length: 27’

When a bridge along Badger Creek became dilapidated beyond repair, a replacement option with adequate hydraulic capacity was needed to convey seasonal spring runoff without overtopping the road. The original structure was inadequate.

“In order to maintain the required freeboard during larger stormwater runoff events,” stated Jennifer Zung, P.E., Project Manager with Harmony Design & Enginering, “it was important that the replacement bridge have good hydraulic capacity while minimizing the amount that the road would need to be raised.”

Selected for its quick installation, a 43’ x 8’-9” CON/SPAN® O-Series Bridge System, 27’ in length, was the best choice for the stream crossing replacement. The bridge system was placed on custom precast footings, further expediting the installation. Together, the whole system offered the most advantages over other options, including the speed of precast materials, the strength of arch action, low maintenance and economic efficiency.

A challenge occurred between the time the bid was accepted and the scheduled delivery date. Due to weather issues and the fact that the existing bridge was shut down earlier than planned, a quick installation and delivery became even more important. Contech Engineered Solutions and Aqua Terra Restoration LLC, the contractor on the project, worked together and were able to meet the new, earlier deadline for installation. All in all, eight footing pieces, five CON/SPAN arches, two headwalls and four wingwalls — all precast concrete — were installed in just one day via a crane.

“Contech assisted us in overcoming design constraints by offering multiple options of which the CON/SPAN worked the best for our site,” concluded Jay T. Mazalewski, P.E., County Engineer/Public Works Director with Teton County. “When the old structure failed prematurely, Contech was able to coordinate with the contractor to install the new bridge in a surprisingly short period of time. The group effort between Contech, the designer, the contractor and the county really helped make this a successful project.”

Technical Description:

• Span: 43’
• Rise: 8’-9”
• Length: 27’

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