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212 Davis Drive


Stormwater Detention


Green and Rose Developments Inc.


Armtek (distributor)


Core Earthworks


June 2016

Technical Description:

  • DuroMaxx® Detention system

Green and Rose Developments Inc. are building brand new luxury apartments at 212 Davis Drive, in Newmarket, Ontario, a suburb of Toronto. This condo-style development includes a new apartment complex and a parking lot for the residents and their guests.

With the construction of the new complex, the amount of impervious surfaces increased exponentially, resulting in the need for a stormwater detention system.

While corrugated metal pipe (CMP) is often the material of choice for underground detention, information gathered from the customer, as well as soil chemistry from the surrounding area made DuroMaxx Steel Reinforced Polyethylene the ideal choice for this project. DuroMaxx pipe combines steel and polyethylene to make an exceptionally strong and durable pipe for stormwater detention and infiltration applications. DuroMaxx is unique as it has fewer joints to assemble on site and can be used in applications with corrosive soils.

Because the new apartment complex will already be sandwiched between two businesses, there was a small footprint to work with.To meet these requirements, Contech designed a system made from of 54” and 60” diameter Duromaxx, 24’ in length, totaling to 13 pieces, complete with manifold, bulkhead and aluminum ladder for the 30” riser. The larger diameter DuroMaxx was a more cost effective solution than regular HDPE. The lightweight barrels of DuroMaxx were able to be installed in a single day’s time using an excavator and nylon straps.

Because of the larger diameter and smaller footprint, DuroMaxx was able to provide ample water storage for the new apartment complex while providing a cost effective solution for the customer.

Technical Description:

  • DuroMaxx® Detention system

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