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14th Street Improvements (Phase II)

Ocala, Florida

Storm Sewer


City of Ocala




Hamlet Construction Company Inc.



In 1986, the City of Ocala, Florida, began phase II of roadway improvements scheduled along NE 14th Street to widen the two-lane roadway. To accommodate the increased vehicular traffic along this urban section, the City wanted to add turn lanes, signalization and improve drainage.

Specific drainage improvements included the installation of a storm sewer system along the widened corridor. Originally specified with reinforced concrete pipe (RCP), the City decided to use HEL-COR® corrugated steel pipe manufactured by Contech Engineered Solutions LLC. By designing the storm sewer system with 1 mile of 18” through 72” diameter ALT2 HEL-COR®, the city was able to yield a cost savings of over $50,000. CMP is ideal for storm sewer applications due to its light weight (weighing less than 10% or reinforced concrete pipe), long lengths, low installation cost, and hydraulic capability. This storm system was designed with the added durability of ALT2, easily providing a minimum expected service life of 75-years.

The installation was performed well within the one year contract awarded to the bidding contractor, Hamlet Construction. The owner of Hamlet, Harvey Vandeven, stated, “It saved money, it saved time, and it saved production.”

As part of a durability assessment for aluminized type 2 (ALT2) corrugated steel pipe, this storm sewer system was inspected in 2016. The aluminized coating is a two-layer, metallurgically bonded composite, which enable the superior design life expectancy.  The core sample yielded exceptional results providing evidence that the pipe is in great condition and performing as expected. These findings have been reinforced by the 2014 NCSPA Report entitled, “Durability of Aluminized Type 2 Coated Corrugated Steel Pipe Exposed throughout the United States.”

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Technical Description:

  • Product: HEL-COR® ALT2 CSP, 16 GA, 3x1 and 2 2/3 x 1/2 corrugations
  • Diameter: 18" through 72" of 
  • Length: 5,280 LF

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