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10th St. Apartments

Chattanooga, Tennessee

CSO / Detention System


Riverside Development


MAP Engineers


Brown Bros., Inc.


November 2014

Technical Description:

  • DuroMaxx® SRPE Detention System,60-in. diameter, 15 PSI, 7075 CF
  • Vortechs®  5000 HDS System
  • DuroMaxx® SRPE CSO System, 84-in. diameter, 30 PSI, 12,971 CF

At the intersection of 10th Street and Douglas Street, development plans were underway to expand the available student housing by private developer, Riverside Development. This was a welcome change and would go a long way in helping to alleviate the campus housing shortage at nearby University of Tennessee at Chattanooga (UTC). In response to this shortage, Riverside Development would build a seven story student apartment building just off M.L. King Boulevard that would help to accommodate the student population housing issues. This would bring students into a neighborhood predominantly full of vacant storefronts – welcome refreshment that would set the tone for all future development in an area where mostly unoccupied, industrial or office space could be seen.

As a part of this new residential development, a detention system combined with a hydrodynamic separator (HDS) system was needed for the future urban residential development. Given the relatively tight site constraints of the site, it was also crucial that whatever solution could be installed with a relatively small footprint.

MAP Engineers determined that the answer to this complex project was to utilize a solution manufactured by Contech Engineered Solutions. After a review of a few other alternatives, this proposal proved to be the most cost effective and space efficient option. MAP selected an underground  DuroMaxx® steel reinforce polyethylene (SRPE) detention and a high-performance hydrodynamic separator that would effectively remove finer sediment – the Vortechs® 5000 system – for the initial stormwater treatment.

As part of the secondary portion of the project which would also be handling sanitary sewer storage, a DuroMaxx® SRPE combined sewer overflow (CSO) system was selected. The steel ribbing of the unique DuroMaxx profile would provide the necessary structural integrity of the system; while the lightweight material made installation with smaller equipment an unexpected possibility by the contractor, Brown Bros. Inc. Sub-contractor, Chase Plumbing and Mechanical of Chattanooga, performed an extrusion welding on the joints for a watertight, 30 PSI welded, leak-free system. As part of the project requirements inherent given the close surrounding quarters, the system would need to be structurally capable under a parking garage/building directly aboveground with only two feet of cover. The strength, durability and joint tightness of Contech’s DuroMaxx steel reinforced polyethylene made this a better material choice for the tanks than other similar solutions.

After a review of the geotechnical analysis of the local area and the estimated storage capacity needed, MAP Engineers looked to an 84-in diameter system capable of 12,971 CF of storage. Contech assisted MAP with the design and then quickly manufactured a complete system which arrived to the site within the specified deadline.  Owner of MAP Engineers, Mike Price, P.E. stated, “I was extremely pleased with not only the product, but with Contech’s hands-on method to help ensure an easy installation and commissioning of all three systems.”

Technical Description:

  • DuroMaxx® SRPE Detention System,60-in. diameter, 15 PSI, 7075 CF
  • Vortechs®  5000 HDS System
  • DuroMaxx® SRPE CSO System, 84-in. diameter, 30 PSI, 12,971 CF

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