Emergency Repair Solutions By Contech

Emergency Repair Solutions By Contech


  • Pipes
  • Culverts


  • Lightweight HEL-COR® and ULTRA FLO® CMP and DuroMaxx® SRPE solutions for culvert replacement
  • Pipe with headwalls
  • Prefabricated bridges with clear spans from 5' to 300'
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Emergency Culvert Repair or Replacement

We can help your community with emergency replacements and structure rehabilitation for bridges, culverts and drainage pipes. If you have an emergency, call us at 800-338-1122, or you can fill out the form and we will contact you with a solution as soon as possible.

Corrugated Steel and Aluminum Pipe, Steel Reinforced Polyethylene & PVC Solutions

Lightweight corrugated metal pipe (CMP) for culvert replacement available for immediate shipment in many diameters or slipline failing structures to preserve the maximum amount of the original opening. DuroMaxx® steel reinforced polyethylene (SRPE), available in diameters from 30-inches to 120-inches, is also available for emergency replacement.

Reline Solutions

Rehabilitation or relining storm and sanitary sewers, culverts and small bridges can be a faster and less expensive option that imparts little to no impact on traffic maintenance and may be quite advantageous in emergency situations. Contech offers a variety of products and systems, combined with more than 100 years of experience, to facilitate rehabilitation of storm and sanitary
sewers, culverts and bridges.

Erosion Control

Defend your shorelines and stream banks from erosion during the next storm event with our erosion control solutions.