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Vist-A-Wall Wire Wall

Vist-A-Wall Wire Wall

Vist-A-Wall Wire Walls are an ideal MSE structural wall system for efficient and economical installation in permanent or temporary applications. Wire Walls use cost-saving wire components and native backfill materials wherever possible.

Vist-A-Wall Wire Walls are efficient and straight forward installations with minimal equipment and labor requirements. Vist-A-Wall Wire Walls accommodate curves, angles or steps, and the facing and soil reinforcing systems allow for the installation of culverts, bridge piles or other site requirements.

Features and Benefits

  • Economical system for retaining walls, steepened slopes and erosion control
  • Heavy-duty, black or galvanized steel wire interlocking wall and mat construction
  • Can handle large surcharge loads
  • Wall heights can exceed 100′
  • Height increments are 2′
  • Adapts to curves, angles and steps
  • Wire mesh soil reinforcement systems are made from durable galvanized steel material
  • Available finishes: natural stone, temporary (fabric), shotcrete, or vegetated
  • Most cost-effective and easy way to construct headwall option for structural plate bridges
  • Permanent or temporary applications

Wire Wall Finish Options

Wire Walls can be left ‘natural’, with exposed wire and typical, open-graded rock face material or can be designed to accept a variety of finishes such as  vegetation or shotcrete. Temporary wire mesh retaining walls, with black steel and filter fabric at the face, are also available.

Recommended Applications

Vist-A-Wall Wire Walls are recommended for retaining walls, headwalls or wingwalls, bridge approaches and abutments, grade separations and crusher ramps or walls.

The Contech Advantage

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Technical Expertise

Our engineers assist by providing product specific engineering calculations such as hydraulics, buoyancy, foundation reactions, and unit sizing.

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