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Walmart Super Center (Store #5987) Storm Sewer

Royse City, Texas

Storm Sewer


Walmart Stores, Inc.


Kimley Horn - Frisco


Mycon & Preferred Contracting, Inc. (Sub-Contractor)


January 2015

Technical Description:

  • Product: ULTRA FLO® ALT2 CMP
  • Length: 5,000 LF
  • Diameter: 18-in. to 72-in.

In December 2014, construction began for the new Walmart Super Center schedule to open in Royse City, Texas. The entire store took approximately 10 months to construct from the ground up. As part of this new development, a storm sewer system was needed to handle the increased storm water runoff resulting from the ramped up development and projected demands of the surrounding areas. The store would involve 155,165 square feet of space, making it one of the larger Walmart stores in the eastern stretches of the DFW Metroplex.

As part of this retail development project, engineers from Kimley Horn (Frisco) determined a large diameter storm sewer system would be necessary, requiring significant amounts of pipe over 60-inches in diameter.  Additionally, the system involved many laterals, inlets, junctions, and sweeping radius curves.  These factors, coupled with the fact that the owner was applying significant pressure to complete this project swiftly, contributed to a perfect scenario for Contech to provide a cost-effective alternative that satisfied the project requirements, reduced the material lead time, and provided significant material savings.  The utility contractor, Preferred Contracting, Inc., turned to Contech Engineered Solutions for assistance with the layout, manufacture, and supply of the storm sewer system.

After initial review of the project plans and specifications, it became clear that Contech’s ULTRA FLO® aluminized steel type 2 (ALT2) corrugated pipe met all requirements for the system.  With a nationwide footprint, Contech was able to manufacture the entire system at their nearby plant located in Sulphur Springs, Texas. The storm sewer system was manufactured in diameters ranging from 18-inch laterals to 72-inch mainlines.  With a smooth spiral rib profile, ULTRA FLO would provide the right hydraulic capacity (equal to concrete pipe, Manning’s “n” of 0.012) while the significantly lighter weight and long pipe joints provided substantial cost-savings and installation time.  Furthermore, most of the junctions, fittings, inlets, and fittings to satisfy the sweeping horizontal curves were all handled with CMP fabricated pieces of homogeneous material. This enabled the contractor to lay all these fittings as if they were any other piece of pipe, join adjacent pipe stubs with the same band mechanism and install the entire system at splintering quick speeds.   

Preferred Contracting's General Superintendent, Colby Anderson stated, "With Contech’s ULTRA FLO, we were able to meet the very demanding project schedule and remain within a tight budget. The material cost savings alone were about half of concrete when considering elimination of junction structures and side-by-side pipe prices not to mention that we can install ULTRA FLO in about 1/3 of the time it would take for a concrete solution. Contech was responsive, flexible, and available on site when necessary. I look forward to working with them again in the future."

In addition to the significant material savings offered by ULTRA FLO® aluminized steel type 2 (ALT2) corrugated steel pipe over reinforced concrete the entire 5,000 LF system was quickly manufactured and installed within the project deadline and anticipated to provide a service life in excess of 75 years.

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Technical Description:

  • Product: ULTRA FLO® ALT2 CMP
  • Length: 5,000 LF
  • Diameter: 18-in. to 72-in.

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