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US 180 Bridge Over Whitewater Creek

Glenwood, New Mexico

Stream Channel Protection


New Mexico DOT


New Mexico DOT , SWCA Environmental Consultants




July 2012

Technical Description:

  • ArmorFlex® open cell
  • 40,000-sf articulated concrete block (ACB)

The state’s largest-ever forest fire had devastating effects on areas in Southwestern New Mexico. The July “monsoon” season brings heavy rains and flooding. The spring fires resulted in the loss of ground cover, and the state DOT was concerned about severe erosion of the channel walls of Whitewater Creek, as well as flooding to the nearby town of Glenwood.

Time was of the essence to manufacture, ship and install materials before the rains began. Further, a solution that would allow for seeding or planting in the revetment was desired. Contech’s ArmorFlex articulated concrete block (ACB) is a proven product, with an open-cell design to allow for vegetative growth in the revetment.

With timing critical, the Contech field team even recommended local contractors who would successfully install the 40,000-sf ACB mattresses, fast. The entire project — from channel preparation, through material production and shipment, through finished installation — was completed in just one month, and before the start of the rainy season. Most importantly, the ArmorFlex solution was a success in preventing further erosion from flooding by subsequent storms.

“Contech was chosen for the design appropriateness of its Before armoring solution and ability to rapidly deliver” said Landscape Architect William Hutchinson of the NMDOT Environmental Design Division. “Their support and involvement during the fast-track installation process was excellent”

Since the completion of this project, the channel protection has performed as expected during subsequent storms, providing both a reliable and cost-effective solution for this application.


Technical Description:

  • ArmorFlex® open cell
  • 40,000-sf articulated concrete block (ACB)

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