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Southgate Plaza Shopping Center

Sacramento, California



Tait & Associates, Inc.


Steve's Excavating Inc


June 2019

Technical Description:

(2) ®Filterra Bioscape Vaults

The Southgate Plaza Shopping Center was an infill, retail development in an existing shopping plaza with limited space for conventional land-based stormwater management treatment measures.

The owner had to meet stringent local stormwater regulations.The owner also was concerned with long-term maintenance costs and wanted a treatment device that landscape crews could inspect and maintain without the need for special equipment or confined space entry.

The site uses two, 12’x6’ Filterra Bioscape Vaults capable of bypassing high flows all in one location. Contech provided full design support and prepared detailed submittal packages that are required by the regulatory agency. Contech also assisted in a fast and trouble-free plan check process.

The pre-packaged bioretention was delivered and installed with a crane in one morning, reducing installation costs as compared to conventional bioretention, which could take several days to dig the holes and install media, material, and underdrains. Contech returned when the site was stabilized to plant the tree and activate the system. Contech will also provide the first year’s maintenance at no charge to ensure the health of the tree and proper system functionality.

In the end, Contech’s solution reduced cost, installation time, and provided a system that has proven reliable for consistent, long-term pollutant reduction.

Technical Description:

(2) ®Filterra Bioscape Vaults


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