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San Jose Watershed Trash Capture

San Jose, California

Trash Capture


The City of San Jose 


Caitlin Gilmore, Schaaf and Wheeler





Technical Description:

(6) Debris Separating Baffle Box (DSBB)
The City of San Jose is committed to protecting local watersheds, but a city of this size produces many contaminants and byproducts from heavy vehicle and foot traffic. Pollutants of concern include trash, debris, hydrocarbons, and sediments.

The goal of this project was for the city to meet the California State Water Resource Control Board (CASWRCB) Full Trash Capture High Flow requirements while meeting the high-flow rate demands of a 10-year storm.

The City of San Jose specified five 11' x 17' Debris Separating Baffle Box Separators (DSBB) and one 11' x 25' DSBB for locations throughout the city. All six DSBB Separators are individual vaults with internal bypass for high flows, eliminating additional junction boxes and diversion structures while still designed for a 10-year storm of over 200 cfs.

The DSBB Separator is a proven hydrodynamic separator that can manage high volumes of site runoff and stormwater's most demanding pollutant loads, including trash, debris, hydrocarbons, and sediments. The DSBB is certified by the CASWRCB for full trash capture and is engineered to isolate and store trash, debris, and organics in a dry state suspended above the water below. This feature makes it easier for maintenance crews to clean and prevents nutrient leaching, bacterial growth, and foul odors.

The DSBB Separators' ease of maintenance and CASWRCB Certification allows each system to operate efficiently at a reduced cost, and helps the city reach its goal of protecting vital watersheds for years to come.

Technical Description:

(6) Debris Separating Baffle Box (DSBB)

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