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Saint Petersburg Police Headquarters

St. Petersburg, Florida

Stormwater Detention


City of Saint Petersburg


George F. Young, Inc. 


Cypress Gulf Development Corp.


February 2018

Technical Description:

  • 417 LF of 84" perforated CORLIX® Aluminum Pipe

The City of St. Petersburg, Florida constructed a new 167,519-square-foot headquarters that will provide them a modern facility that will be able to withstand a Category 4 hurricane.

Engineers at George F. Young were tasked with designing a stormwater system to address water quality and peak rate attenuation requirements. The original design included a surface pond.However, it was decided to put the stormwater management facility underground  to achieve greater parking capacity.

The site was suited for underground detention due to the deep ground water conditions. This enabled the use of large diameter pipe.  For this project, an 84” diameter pipe constructed within a stone backfill was selected due to its ability to optimize the vertical storage and produce a more efficient, cost-effective design. This allowed the engineer to utilize a greater storage depth than they could with other systems.

Maintenance is a frequent concern for underground systems. Contech perforated pipe has a hard invert which makes it well suited for flushing and removal of sediments and debris. While Contech pipe is one of the easiest to maintain, some simple steps can be taken to reduce the scope of maintenance activities. The Contech design can incorporate maintenance basins where stormwater enters the system.By utilizing a combination of weir plates and baffles pre-fabricated into the pipe sections, both settleable material and floatables material can be captured and stored in a designated area for easier removal.

Technical Description:

  • 417 LF of 84" perforated CORLIX® Aluminum Pipe

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