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Sacramento International Airport Remain Overnight (RON) Apron

Sacramento, California

Stormwater Management


Sacramento International Airport


Mead & Hunt Inc.


Bay Cities Paving & Grading


October 2021

Technical Description:

(4) Peak Diversion Stormwater Management StormFilters®

The Sacramento International Airport covers 6,000 acres and has two parallel runways. This project consisted of adding 20 acres of Remain Overnight Aprons (ROA). Terminal A added six additional RON positions, and Terminal B added three additional RON positions. RON positions are linked to the addition of aircraft gates since aircraft can park at remote positions while others can remain overnight at new gates. More RON aprons will allow for tow-less entry, push-back, or tow-out options with a central taxi lane between aircraft and more parking positions.

Engineers needed a robust stormwater treatment system to treat runoff from the 20 acres of new impervious surfaces. An above-ground solution was not feasible, as it would create a bird habitat that would be dangerous to aircraft. The Stormwater Management StormFilter was specified as it could provide the necessary treatment, manage the high-peak flows, and accommodate the shallow outfall depths.

Bay Cities Paving & Grading installed two 8’ x 6’ Peak Diversion StormFilter vaults and two 8’ x 18” Peak Diversion StormFilter vaults in one morning without having to shut down the airport. The Peak Diversion StormFilter provides treatment and high flow bypass in one precast vault, eliminating the need for an external bypass or junction structures. The four vaults contain a total of 101, 18 inch filter cartridges containing ZPG™ media, a blend of zeolite, perlite, and GAC to improve the performance of perlite and target organics, soluble metals, and other pollutants.

Technical Description:

(4) Peak Diversion Stormwater Management StormFilters®


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