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Renaissance Pebble Creek

Goodyear, Arizona

Stormwater Treatment




B and R Engineering


Site Utility Systems


January 2018

Technical Description:

  • 1,675 LF of 60” perforated ALT2 CMP
  • CDS hydrodynamic separator

Renaissance Pebble Creek is a 225-unit, 24-hour assisted living community located in Goodyear, AZ. The nine-acre site features a three-story building with 193 one-bedroom and 32 two-bedroom assisted living units. The facility also features activity centers, a salon, dining, chapel, and gathering areas.

B and R Engineering was charged with developing the civil engineering plans for the site, including developing a stormwater management plan. The initial plan was for runoff to be captured via a CMP retention system and infiltrated using a drywell. However, the City of Goodyear recently began requiring the pretreatment of retained stormwater prior to being discharged into drywells to protect water quality.

To meet the pretreatment requirement engineers focused on hydrodynamic separation technology. This is a new technology to some of the engineers and contractors in the area, so design and installation support were very important to ensure the proper products were chosen, specified appropriately, and installed correctly to meet the City of Goodyear’s intention of pretreatment.

After evaluating all their options engineers chose the CDS hydrodynamic separator to provide pretreatment for this project. The CDS uses swirl concentration and continuous deflective separation to screen, separate and trap trash, debris, sediment, and hydrocarbons from stormwater runoff. The CDS is able to internally bypass flows from larger storm events and still achieve 100% capture of trash and debris while providing high level of TSS removal.

Contech also supplied the corrugated metel pipe (CMP) used to construct the retention system made from 1,675 LF of 60” perforated ALT2 CMP.

A Contech field representative was on sight to assist Site Utility Systems with the installation of the CDS. The precaster delivered the CDS and the contractor had a crane pick the pieces to set them. The Contech field representative installed the internal components of the CDS, as the unit was 96 inches in diameter. The installation went smoothly, taking only about four hours from start to finish.

“Contech’s communication on delivery and commissioning of the CDS was outstanding,” said Jeremy Prahl with Site Utility Systems. “The Contech team were great to work with and were very flexible with our schedule. The ease of installation was amazing.”

Technical Description:

  • 1,675 LF of 60” perforated ALT2 CMP
  • CDS hydrodynamic separator

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