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RaceTrac at Shields Road

Huntsville, Alabama

Stormwater Detention




Gonzalez Strength & Associates


S&W Construction 


Spring 2023

Technical Description:

1,110 LF of 84" Aluminized Steel Type 2 with XFiltration Joint

RaceTrac is a well-known chain of gas stations, operating more than 550 retail gasoline convenience stores and travel centers in 12 southeastern states. A new location in Huntsville, Alabama, was the latest addition to this fast-growing brand. Contech has provided stormwater management systems at several RaceTrac facilities over the past decade.

Engineers designing the stormwater management system for the site were trying to maximize land use, so they placed the detention system underground. Several different detention systems were considered. However, the need for quick delivery and the engineer's prior experience working with Contech contributed to the engineers specifying a detention system made from 1,110 LF of 84" diameter corrugated metal pipe (CMP), providing 42,718 CF of storage. An additional 19,751 CF of storage is provided within the structural backfill.

The system uses Contech's XFiltration joint, a specially designed joint to exfiltrate stormwater into the surrounding stone backfill. Using the XFiltration joint provides reliable exfiltration performance that is functionally equivalent to perforated CMP. In addition, it has a reduced lead time compared to perforated CMP as it requires less processing and transportation. Using the XFiltration joint allowed for the project's lead time to be expedited by two weeks compared to other detention systems that were considered.           

S&W Construction installed the system. While they had previous experience installing 24" pipe, this was the first time installing 84" pipe. Contech provided support during installation to ensure the system was installed correctly and on time. 

Technical Description:

1,110 LF of 84" Aluminized Steel Type 2 with XFiltration Joint


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