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Perkins Park Parallel Sewer

Warren, Ohio

Sanitary Sewer


City of Warren




Utility Contractor


Spring 2020

Technical Description:

  • Product: A-2000™ PVC
  • Diameter: 36-inch
  • Length: 2,240 LF

As part of three neighborhood sewer improvement projects approved by the Warren City Council in 2019, the Perkins Park parallel sewer will add a larger 36-inch sewer in parallel with an existing 15-inch sewer. The new system would tie to an existing sanitary sewer overflow in the downtown area that was opened in 2014 to stop flooding into the basements of offices and apartments located downtown.

This improvement would expand the flow capacity to the sanitary sewer overflow (SSO) system to improve run off in the surrounding area of the park and further improve the flow capacity and more efficiently prevent flooding to the surrounding community. AECOM was awarded the design of the sewer improvements around the park. After a lunch and learn presentation, two engineers mentioned the project to the Contech representatives. Upon discussing the details and goals of the project, Contech provided the project engineer with additional information about the profile PVC conduit, including specifications, standard details, and backfill information. Based on the information provided and presented, AECOM included the A-2000™ as an acceptable material within the specifications and plan set in addition to other approved materials. The contractor, Utility Contracting, ultimately selected to use A-2000™ PVC sanitary conduit as the most efficient and cost-effective solution for the larger parallel sewer.

As the project was located near a river, the site conditions were very wet, and the installation required a deep trench box to install the system. As a result, the A-2000™ sanitary sewer system was manufactured in lengths of 14’ to accommodate the trench box utilized for the installation. These shorter lengths allowed for an easier installation for Utility Contracting. All parties involved were pleased with the success of the project.

Technical Description:

  • Product: A-2000™ PVC
  • Diameter: 36-inch
  • Length: 2,240 LF

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