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Paramount Boulevard

Lakewood, California



Los Angeles County Department of Public Works



Technical Description:

  • (2) 6' x 6' Filterra Biofiltration Systems

Stormwater runoff from public roadways is one of the leading contributors of stormwater pollution to our nation’s waterways, lakes, streams and oceans, impairing our nation’s health, water quality, and natural habitats. Due to the dense, urban environment of the City of Lakewood and the subsequent high volume of traffic along Paramount Boulevard, stormwater pollution is of particular concern to local residents. Tasked with providing a solution to remediate the adverse impacts of polluted stormwater runoff, the Los Angeles County Department of Public Works chose to install several Filterra Bioretention Systems; specifically engineered to capture, remove and reduce a variety of pollutants of concern from entering the storm drain. Pollutants of concern conveyed in runoff include trash, debris, sediment, and metals.

The Filterra Biofiltration System harnesses the power of nature to capture, cycle and immobilize stormwater pollutants to treat urban runoff. The combination of landscape vegetation and a specially designed filter media allows metals, nutrients and total suspended solids (TSS) to be removed naturally.

Due to the existing roadway conditions and highly developed infrastructure along Paramount Blvd., large-scale pollutant capture and treatment control measures could not be applied. Therefore, “Low Impact Development” alternatives had to be explored. Los Angeles County Dept of Public Works was challenged to provide a cost effective, yet natural stormwater treatment solution as described in the Federal Transportation Department’s “SAFE-TEA-LU” bill.

Under this “Roadway Retrofit” design scenario, Filterra was the natural choice for the project designers.Filterra units require a very small footprint and are inherently well suited for dense urban environments. Based on independent “Third Party” verification, Filterra has proven performance and removal effectiveness for various pollutants such as trash, debris, sediment, petroleum, heavy metals, phosphorus, nitrogen, and TSS. Once Filterra was chosen by the project designers, Los Angeles Dept of Public Works was able to proceed with completing construction documents and project implementation in a timely manner.

An extremely dense, ultra-urban environment which inherently dictated a low impact solution to capture and treat stormwater pollution from a large, existing public roadway. A Raphiolepis “Majestic Beauty” was utilized in the Filterra box plantings for this project.

This project was constructed utilizing public financing as provided through the Federal Transportation Department’s “SAFE-TEA-LU” bill.

Technical Description:

  • (2) 6' x 6' Filterra Biofiltration Systems

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