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Paine Field Passenger Terminal

Everett, Washington

Stormwater Treatment


Snohomish County


AECOM - Seattle


Fisher Construction



Technical Description:

Filterra® Bioscape

Paine Field, also known as Snohomish County Airport, is a commercial and general aviation airport serving the Seattle metropolitan area. The airport was built in 1936. By the 1970s, the airport had grown into a hub for light aviation and manufacturing, but lacked commercial service. That changed when In March 2019, Paine Field resumed commercial service at a newly constructed terminal.

Washington State and local stormwater regulations require stormwater quantity and quality measures to be used to reduce downstream flooding and pollutants. Some of the runoff was treated and detained in traditional bioretention cells. However, due to space limitations, not all of the runoff could be treated by traditional methods. 

The Engineer of Record reviewed several proprietary treatment systems, but the shallow nature of the site and limited space restricted what could be used. The Filterra Bioscape was the perfect solution for treating the additional runoff. While it operates similar to traditional bioretention, Filterra's high-flow media allows for a reduction in footprint of up to 95% versus traditional bioretention practices. The Filterra Bioscape utilizes all of the Filterra bioretention system components without the concrete structure, allowing for multiple inlets and installation directly into a basin. The 700-square-foot Filterra Bioscape provided a landscape-based solution that blended seamlessly with the other bioretention facilities on the site.  

Contech provided full engineering support and supervised the installation to ensure proper system functionality. 

Technical Description:

Filterra® Bioscape


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