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Options High School

Bellingham, Washington

Stormwater Treatment


Bellingham School District


Freeland & Associates 



Technical Description:

(3) Filterra® Bioretention Systems 

Options High School is a new alternative school located in Bellingham, WA. The 50,974 SF site is adjacent to Bellingham High School and was formerly used for light industry. 

The Washington Department of Ecology required Enhanced treatment for the site. In addition to TSS removal, Enhanced treatment requires a higher rate of removal of dissolved metals than most basic treatment facilities. 

The building footprint utilized the entire buildable area and did not allow for the use of traditional bioretention. The enhanced treatment requirement further narrowed the treatment device selection. Lastly, the owner also wanted a system that utilized a plant feature, further limiting what system could be used. The Filterra bioretention system was selected because it met all three requirements. 

Three 6’ x 4’ Filterra offline configurations were installed at the site providing the necessary treatment and aesthetic appeal. Contech stormwater engineers supported the EOR by assisting with sizing and orientation of the Filterra’s and documentation for the project review process. 

Technical Description:

(3) Filterra® Bioretention Systems 


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