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Off Lease Only

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Stormwater Management


Off Lease Only


VHB Engineering


Florida Engineering and Development Corp


February 2017

Technical Description:

8,620 LF of 46” perforated ALT2 CMP

Off Lease Only is the nation’s largest-volume independent used-car dealership in America. They sell thousands of cars each month to customers at their Florida retail locations and in markets around the world via the Internet.

In 2017 construction started on the company’s fourth location in North Lauderdale Florida. The 15-acre site will hold 800 – 1,000 used cars.

A site of this size needs a robust stormwater management system. Since it was in an urban environment, engineers at VHB Engineering selected an underground detention system made from 46” diameter, perforated, aluminized corrugated metal pipe from Contech Engineered Solutions. The system stores stormwater runoff underground where it can infiltrate into the surrounding soil.

Contech worked with the engineer to customize the design layout to address the high ground water table. The system was also customized to accommodate light pole foundations, curb lines, conduit runs, and root structures of plantings. Installation of the system took two weeks.

Technical Description:

8,620 LF of 46” perforated ALT2 CMP

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