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Northline Development

Leander, Texas

Stream Crossing


WGI, Inc.


DeNucci Constructors, LLC

Master Planner and Design Architect:
David M. Schwarz Architects


December 2020

Technical Description:

• Triple CON/SPAN® B-Series Bridge System
• Span: 24’
• Rise: 14’
• Length: 40’

Northline Development is a large mixed use development that will act as a new downtown district in Leander, Texas, located 26 miles north of downtown Austin in Williamson County. The 116-acre property will include residential, shopping and dining options as well as public spaces, art installations and Smart City advancements to "increase efficiencies, improve quality of services and ensure the design meets all present and future technological needs." Additionally, a bridge was installed to serve as a signature feature of the urban mixed-use community.

“Rather than designing a typical retention pond and using a standard formliner coloration for the bridge over the pond, the developer chose to make a statement by utilizing natural limestone blocks around portions of the pond and matching that limestone coloration to the bridge formliner in order to generate a dynamic, show-stopping structure for vehicular and pedestrian traffic,” stated Alex Tynberg, Manager, Northline Leander Development Company, LP.

During the initial design phase of this project, Northline decided that a triple 24' x 14' CON/SPAN® B-Series Bridge System, 40' in length, was the best solution to allow adequate flow of floodwaters while seamlessly fitting into the rocky atmosphere. As part of the vision, the contractor, DeNucci Constructors, Inc., stained the concrete to match the limestone.

The most challenging part of the project occurred while deciding on the final aesthetic appearance of the bridge. With so many parties involved in the planning, it was imperative that the final design met all of the requirements and preferences. David M. Schwarz Architects wanted the face of the structure to look seamless so requested that the number of vertical seams in the wingwalls be reduced. In order to make that vision a reality, the wingwalls were designed with 45-degree angles where the seams between the precast units would be effectively hiding the seams and making the wingwalls appear to be single units.

In the end, the CON/SPAN was a great, attractive solution for the site, and the city, Northline, WGI, Inc., the civil engineer of record and David M. Schwarz Architects were pleased with the outcome.

“The CON/SPAN structure was an excellent choice for this project,” concluded Joel Blok, P.E., Construction Manager of WGI, Inc. "The prefabricated elements and detailed drawings combined with Contech's knowledgeable, responsive engineers and support staff made for a smooth and rapid installation of a structure that's anything but bland and will certainly be a centerpiece of this development."

The overall project buildout is expected to be completed in 10 to 15 years.

Technical Description:

• Triple CON/SPAN® B-Series Bridge System
• Span: 24’
• Rise: 14’
• Length: 40’

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